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Types of Roofs in Huntington, CA

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Have you been considering a new roof for your home, but are unsure of what type will work best? There are many different types of roofs to choose from, and the Huntington Beach Roofing Co can help. We specialize in all types of roofing services and provide high-quality products that will last. For years, we have provided our clients with quality service and satisfied customers. Contact us today for an estimate on your next project.

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    Different Types of Roof

    Below are the different types of roof that Huntington Beach Roofing Co offers:

    Gable Roof

    Gables have two sloped surfaces that meet together near the top and form a triangle-like shape overhang; typically these types of roofs are made up of wood shingles or clay tiles for aesthetics purposes.


    The Hip Roof has two sloping sides or faces at an angle from each other which meet at their highest point forming what looks like a pointed arch. Unlike Gabled roofs, this type often doesn’t have dormers because they don’t need additional space for higher wall sections above windows or doors due to the slopes not meeting at any height but instead form what appears to look like hips so it’s considered more economical than many other styles of homes including ones with steeper pitches

    Mansard Roof

    Mansard roofs were originally created for French builders, but have become popular here in Huntington Beach Roofing Co because they are known for their steep pitch and shallow slopes, making them an excellent choice when homes need extra space at the top or want more attic access than standard gables to offer.

    Gambrel Roof

    This typically has three slopes coming down from one side while being symmetrical on the other side. They usually extend over the top of the house and are often used as a second story with bedrooms.

    Skillion Roof

    This is a roof that has only one slope, which comes from either side in an unbroken line without any significant change in height or pitch. They also provide additional space on both sides but do not have eaves.

    Intersecting Roof

    These types of roofs feature two sloped surfaces that intersect at right angles to form four different planes; this style can be seen most commonly when creating dormers for rooms within the home.

    Sawtooth Roof

    The sawtooth roof features alternating gables along its length so it looks like waves rolling across the surface, thus giving them their name.

    Curved Roof

    A curved roof is made up of a series of curved surfaces that form an overall spherical or barrel shape.

    Pyramid Roof

    A roof with four sides, each sloped in the same direction and meeting at their point; also known as a square pyramid.

    Dome Roof

    Similar to how the dome is shaped like a half-circle on top of one another, this type of roof has two curving slopes meeting at its center and is often featured with either copper or terra cotta tiles for aesthetics.

    Dutch Gable/Jerkinhead

    Dutch gables feature three inclined planes while jerkinheads have only two so they can be more affordable as well as easier to install than if you were to use traditional materials such as slate shingles or metal

    Saltbox Roof

    A roof that has a shape similar to the letter “L.”

    M Shaped Roof

    The M-shaped style of the roof features two sloped roofs at an angle parallel with one another, but not intersecting.

    Bonnet Roofs

    Bonnets are based on architectural styles from France and have three slopes pitched in different directions meeting in their point. They can be seen as either triangular or curved depending on how they’re designed.

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