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Membrane Roof in Huntington Beach, CA

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Membrane roofing is a type of roof that consists of two layers: the top layer is made from a rubber or synthetic material and the bottom layer is made from asphalt. The membrane keeps in moisture, preventing it from entering your home. This makes it an ideal solution for homeowners who live in areas with heavy rainfalls or snowfall seasons.

The Huntington Beach Roofing Co specializes in installing this type of roof on residential and commercial homes in Huntington Beach and nearby areas. Furthermore, our team at Huntington Beach Roofing Co can do your installation and repairs quickly and efficiently without compromising quality workmanship. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service by being responsive and professional from start to finish with any project we take on – no matter how big or small it may seem. Our goal is to make sure all of our customers are 100% satisfied with their new roof.

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More About Huntington Beach Membrane Roofing

Membrane Roofs provide protection against hail damage and hurricane winds. They are made with heavy-duty tar paper sheets that have been coated with asphalt or rubber on both sides. The top layer is waterproof but breathable, while the bottom side has an adhesive that keeps out water and allows air to circulate freely underneath the shingle roofing material.

Membrane roofs can be installed over existing homes as well as new construction projects and can be installed on flat roofs or pitched roof projects.

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    Advantages of Membrane Roof


    Membrane roofs are flexible and can be curved, bent, or shaped in any way. This flexibility is not possible with other roofing materials like metal, asphalt shingle tile, clay tile, wood shake/shingle that will crack under stress from bending.

    Easy to Clean

    Roof membranes are leakproof so they’ll stay cleaner longer than other types of roofs because dirt won’t get trapped inside the seams where it’s harder to clean them out. You’ll spend less time cleaning your roof which means you’ll have more free time for yourself!

    No Maintenance Necessary

    Membrane roofs usually don’t require any maintenance work done on them unless there has been damage to the membrane. The only maintenance work that is needed would be replacing a single piece of damaged roofing material with a new one.

    No Sprawling Roofs and Unsightly Hangers

    Membrane roofs are usually installed over sheathing, plywood, or steel decking- which means no need for sprawling metal support systems underneath your home’s exterior walls. You’ll also never have unsightly hangers sticking out from your house in order to fix sloped roofs on top because the roof membranes can shape themselves any way you want them to without having an issue.

    Environmentally Friendly

    Membranes don’t wear down like other types of materials such as asphalt shingle tile, clay tiles, wood shake/shake that will eventually need to be replaced with newer ones. Also, because membrane roofs don’t need the same amount of heat insulation and materials that other roofing systems do (due to their design), they are much more environmentally friendly for a number of reasons:

    • The membranes use up less material than shingle roofs which means you’ll save on your energy bills in the long run
    • They’re also very lightweight so it’s easier with transportation costs when installing them
    • And there is no runoff from any chemicals or sealants used like there would be if using asphalt tiles—which makes them better for our environment as well as people’s health.

    How long does a membrane roof last?

    Membrane roofs last from 12-15 years, but there are many factors that determine this. The two major ones being the quality of materials used in construction and installation will greatly affect how long a roof lasts.

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